Ewetopia DK- Kittiwake
Ewetopia DK- Kittiwake

Ewetopia DK- Kittiwake

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Kittiwake is a beautiful combination of tonal light warm browns that fade into light dove greys with strong shots of cream. It is speckled throughout with oranges, yellows, blues and dark browns and has just the slightest hints of olive green and black. Inspired by the cliff nesting Kittiwake gulls, it is surprisingly neutral and can be paired successfully with any of the colors mentioned above if desired!
**It is important to note that the speckled yarns, while maintaining some repetitious coloration, are dyed in a random fashion. No two skeins hold exactly the same speckle patterning, and there will be strong variations within each skein itself**


100% Superwash Merino Wool
231yds (211 meters)/ 100g.
5-6 sts/ 1" on US#5/ 3.75mm-US#7/ 4.75mm
Hand wash, lay flat to dry

It is highly recommended that you alternate skeins for projects requiring more than one.