Holiday Sock Club pre-order- Saint Nick

Holiday Sock Club pre-order- Saint Nick

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This year's Saint Nick sock set is inspired by the image shown here, but I may take some artistic liberties for extra some extra color fun!

Saint Nick sock set will include 1 100g skein and 2 20g skeins in contrasting colorways.

All skein s will be on our Tralala sock base (75/25 sw merrino, nylon, 463yds, 4 ply)

Sock set preorders will close at midnight on Saturday Nov. 21st and will ship on or shortly before Dec.12th.

 Hey everyone, it's that time of year again...yep...SAINT NICK SOCK SETS!!! We are doing something a little different this year and going with a spoopy theme, kinda cute/kinda scary. And what better way to channel that style than to use some of my favorite pop surealists art as my inspo!
This is #santaworm by @markryden . I've been drooling over Mark Rydens work since I was in college, and we're not going to talk about how long ago that was.....
Anyway, Sock sets will include one full sized skein (100g) and 2 mini skeins (20g each in contrasting colors) on our Tralala Sock base (75/25 sw merino, nylon).
Pre-orders go live on Saturday, Nov.6th at 10am ET and will close on the 19th. Sets will ship on Dec.13th.