About us

Hi all! I'm Shanna, owner and dyer behind Lambstrings Yarn. My yarns are dyed in the kitchen of my home on Long Island, N.Y. When I'm not dying yarns, you'll find me knitting up a storm while watching cartoons with my favorite human and fur babies.

I began knitting over 10 years ago in college and quickly discovered how therapeutic and productive it was. I would knit in between painting classes at school using the wooden ends of paint brushes (usually different sizes), which produced some pretty wonky scarves! I loved everything about it immediately. I couldn't wait to finish a painting so I could reward myself with some knitting time.
After graduating art school, I just felt I that I needed a break from paint and canvas, so I picked up the needles full time, and haven't been able to put them down since. It wasn't long before my love for art and knitting transformed into one big yarn ball of...love. I began dyeing, relearning color theory, and designing patterns. Of course my need to share all of these things took priority as well, and thus Lambstrings was born!

I mean, really...
What's not to love about yarn? The look, the feel, the origin, creating the color, dyeing the yarn, the process of creating a personal handmade piece of art, and finally, the finished piece, it's a no-brainer!
So much love and heart goes into creating a handmade piece. It is truly the most thoughtful gift one could share with a loved one or cherish for themselves.

My mission is to provide the most beautiful building blocks for those treasured items!

My colors are inspired by nature, people, stories, and emotions. They are colors that I wish were more available, colors that make me happy, colors that I have fallen in love with and want to wear. I am always looking fore more inspiration and experimenting with new ideas!
I only work with soft and strong yarns, so my products are long lasting and functional as well as unique, fun, and beautiful!

I use non-toxic acid dyes in a pet friendly, smoke free environment.