1: I see a listings that I love, but I need a larger quantity! How can I order more?
A: I am more than happy to create a custom listing just for you! If you need lots of skeins for a blanket/sweater/ etc, I can make it happen. Contact me at LambstringsYarn@gmail.com. Just let me know how many. I will create a separate listing with a "RESERVED for (your name)" and post it in the "Special Orders" section of the shop (located in the side bar menu). This listing will include pricing for all requested skeins and shipping, listed as one item. As soon as payment is confirmed, I will begin creating. Custom orders take a little longer to create.

2: Do you have a "Dyed to order" section?
A: No, all dyed to order listing are by request only.

3: Do you ever create a listing with more than 2-4 skeins available?
A: It is very rare. Most listings have 2 skeins available. Some of my more popular colorways have 4 skeins available. Again, I love to do custom orders, so please don't be afraid to let me know if you require more skeins!

4: Are there dye lots on your yarns?
A: As long as the skeins are dyed together, they will have the same dye lot. If you require dye lots to match, I will be happy to dye a custom order for you. Custom orders are always dyed together.
Variegated/speckled yarns always have the same basic coloration, but due to the nature of hand dyeing, the color lengths/speckle patterns will vary (even in the same dye lot). It is highly recommended to alternate skeins by row when working with more than one skein, since this will prevent color pooling.

5: I ordered some yarn but I need one more skein to complete my project! Do you have any more in this dye lot?
A: Any time a new bath is created from scratch, it will always be a different dye lot. The good news is, I have a very strict recipe for each colorway, and I make lots of notes if something is slightly altered. Chances are that your additional skein will look the same, but it is highly recommended that you purchase a bit more yarn than needed in your initial order (this is true for ANY yarn, regardless of brand).

6: I ordered a color, but it wasn't what I was expecting. What can we do?
A: All of my photos are taken with natural daylight bulbs and proper white balance to accomplish the best possible color representation for you. In addition, I have provided a color description with all listing to eliminate color confusion. But keep in mind, different bases absorb the dyes at different rates/amounts! Cashmere and alpaca tend to be less vibrant, and non-superwash has very little sheen.
**Here's what you can do on your end first:
Please make sure that your monitor settings are accurate, and you have fully read the description. If something is unclear, you are more than welcome to ask me about it.
Still unsure? Do not despair! Please contact me. There is always a way to work it out. I do not want you to be unhappy.

7: I need a color/base that you have discontinued, can I still get it?
A: Contact me directly at LambstringsYarn@gmail.com. Bases are tricky since they are more often discontinued by the manufacturer. Colorways are easier. I keep a detailed record of discontinued color recipes, so they can be recreated if needed.

8: Are your yarns pre-washed?
A: Yes, I wash all of my yarns after dying and steam setting, I use Soak Unfragranced wash.

9: Some color is transferring to my fingers while I knit/ crochet. Is this normal?
A:Yes, this is normal. Even though my yarns are pre-washed, you may still see this in certain high pigmented colors such as black or blue. This does not indicate there is anything wrong, just that there was more dye in the bath than the yarn could soak up.

10: I washed/ soaked/ wet blocked my yarns/ project and some color was present in the bath. Is this normal?
A: Yes, this is normal. Even though my yarns are pre-washed, it is common to see some color in the bath. This does not mean that your yarn color will fade or run (DO NOT WORRY, it is not actually coming out). This just means that there was more color pigment in the dye bath than the yarn could soak up and it is now shedding some of those extra bits. Certain high pigmented colorways such as reds, blacks and blues are more likely to do this than others.

11: I purchased a pattern, but I don't understand a certain section. Can you help me?
A: ABSOLUTELY! Contact me. I love to talk about knitting and I want to help!