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Oakmoss is our Exclusive Indie Untangled Everywhere colorway.

Now open to everyone!

*All preorders generally take 2-3 weeks to process. 

Oakmoss is is a lichen that grows on the trunks and branches of Oak trees as well as Pines and Firs which are prevalent in upstate NY. The pale and dark greens saturate the tree bark after a good rain in early fall. It makes the air smell earthy and woodsy, like walking through a wet forest on a pleasantly crisp day. Long sleeves, no jacket, just perfect.
Oakmoss is a greyed green tonal speckled with browns, oranges, greys, and pinks.
You can order Oakmoss our Sadie Singles, Tralala Sock, Faun, and Ewetopia DK bases. This preorder will close on Oct. 24th.